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Weight Loss

Getting Thin
I have lost over 90 pounds and changed my life.
Michael Poirier Customer Service, Clay

WOW!!I lost 38, and I feel fantastic. Food is just fuel to me and doesnt consume my mind anymore.
Susan Tillotson Pet Sitter, Liverpool

Hypnosis helped me get control of my eating and increase my exercise.
Peg Markham Retired Teacher, Baldwinsville

I lost 50 pounds. Alternative Hypnosis gave me control, eliminated my food binges, taught me how to relax, and helped me get rid of my negative self-talk. It also installed exercise and better, leaner eating habits. I enjoy eating much more now, although I consume way less and Im now a paid model!
Robyn Mitchell, Syracuse

The weight came off so easily that I'm astounded. And I made money at it!"
Sallie Guyder - Secretary, Oswego

Skepticism Demolished

"I was skeptical at first, but this program really works!"
Lesley Hughes - Retired Educator, East Syracuse

Lost 90 pounds in 2008 and kept it off

"I ate junk food, bad breakfasts, big lunches, and bigger dinners. No wonder they called me Bigg Mike. Alternative Hypnosis gave me control. It made me think like a thin person"
Mike Poirier - Customer Relations Manager, Clay

Lost 60 pounds in 2006 and has kept it off.

"I had been fat my whole life. Although there is heart disease in my family, I was mostly in denial that I could die from my obesity...
Mike Losurdo, Syracuse

Improved Health

"Being a Type I diabetic, my blood sugars have never been consistently so good. I feel wonderful!"
Ann - Dietician, Tully

"In 4 1/2 months, cholesterol went from 160 to the 130's. My bad cholesterol went from 138 to 111, and my good cholesterol went up 4 points. My doctor says I may be able to go off my medication next month! My blood pressure is 104/65. I am so happy!"
Elaine - Accounting, Liverpool

"My cholesterol and blood sugar levels have stabilized at a much lower level than they were before I started."
Dan - Manager, North Syracuse

Exercise Compliance

"Hypnosis has helped me to exercise, which I would rarely do before."
Madelyn - Syracuse


"Weight loss is not burdensome."
Sue - Physician's Assistant

"I've lost without exhaustive effort."
Debi - Teacher, Pulaski

"It's so easy. I have it in my mind that I just don't eat that way any more, and I just don't do it."
Susan L. Black, Weedsport

A Tendency to Last

Ive kept 60 pounds off since 2005. I'll never be fat again!!"
Sarah Evans - USPS Clerk, Syracuse

Good Feelings and Improved Self-Esteem

"Before beginning hypnosis for weight loss, I felt trapped, worthless-with no purpose. After only four sessions, I now feel like a different person. I am well on my way to a new life."
Jane - Retired, North Syracuse

"I am proud of myself. I tell myself that every day."
Mark Myers - Carpenter, Newfield

Decreased Cravings

"My cravings have disappeared."
Cheryl - Nurse, Cicero

Bargain Fees

"In the first year, I made money at this. I would have been going to doctors, paying for prescriptions, for gas to get to those doctors and pharmacies. I don't have any prescriptions any more. I also saved money on groceries, even though I'm eating better-quality food, but half the amount."
Sallie Guyder - Secretary, Oswego

"I recently went on a trip with friends. By eating the right foods in the right amounts and not drinking excessively, I spent a third of what my friends spent."
Joanna Blaisdell - Lab Technician, Lafayette

Other Programs Failed. This Program Is Different!

"I have tried everything, and this seems to be the only one I had no trouble with."
Geraldine - Retired, Baldwinsville

"I started after the first visit. The next morning I felt totally different. I can't explain how. There was a certain calmness in me that has stayed and I have had no desire to overeat."
Veronica - Postal Worker, Cortland


"I still don't believe I haven't smoked after 42 years of 2-3 packs a day!"
Holme - Syracuse

"I had smoked for 55 years without being able to quit."
William - Liverpool

I quit a 5-pack-a-day habit for good with you in 1989.
Joe Sullivan Procurement, Syracuse

"I haven't had the urge to smoke since I saw you twenty years ago."
Bruce - Central Square

"No head-butting and no craving to speak of."
Judy - Syracuse

"If I had known it would be this easy, I would have done it a long time ago. (2-3 packs a day)."
Nancy - Syracuse

"If I had known it would be this easy, I would have come in years ago. You truly are a wonder."
Kristen - East Syracuse

"Giving up smoking is never easy, but, thanks to you, you made the impossible possible. I couldn't have done it without you."
Carolyn - Manlius

"After 39 years of three packs a day, I'm thrilled."
Colleen - Cato

"I never thought I would see the day I could say, 'I quit-after 25 years of smoking."
Rudy - LaFayette

"I suggest this method of quitting to anyone who is serious about it."
Beth DeRuyter


Here's our first recommendation in the Multipronged Approach TM: Plan to take a minimum of four days away from home and work right after smoking cessation visit on your quit date. Have your car packed when you come to see us. If you're taking a trip, coordinate your travel reservations with us, so that you can leave within a few hours after the end of your smoking cessation appointment.


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